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  1. Mesut Ozzist
    Mesut Ozzist
    преди 7 дни

    Guys how do yall add the playlist the sidmen play and how to find the playlist viper makes for simon? please help me out

    преди 23 дни

    Do the last race with all the sideman Harry will hate it

  3. Daniel Clairmonte
    Daniel Clairmonte
    преди 26 дни

    Why is he so loud? Like it’s intense but he doesn’t have to shout all the time, he’s even loud on mute

  4. Niila Robertson
    Niila Robertson
    преди 28 дни

    Get thr boys back on

  5. Dawud
    преди 29 дни

    0:17 we better keep an eye out for flat nosed people from now on

  6. Ian Pienaar
    Ian Pienaar
    преди месец

    Im 3 days late. But THANK YOU Simon.

  7. Jose Espinoza
    Jose Espinoza
    преди месец

    No sidemen? Im out

  8. Fabrise Ndizeye
    Fabrise Ndizeye
    преди месец

    Play with Laila man. She must be bored

  9. British Wordplay
    British Wordplay
    преди месец

    If you ever play the online mode of heists etc I can help you make bank

  10. James M
    James M
    преди месец

    I cry inside everytime he says got the boost boots boy

  11. Tomas Stevenson
    Tomas Stevenson
    преди месец

    00:30 I feel sad for him

  12. Ewan Payling
    Ewan Payling
    преди месец

    How can I find the last race on ps4?

  13. iwailo lieveld
    iwailo lieveld
    преди месец

    Why is there no more gta rp

    1. iwailo lieveld
      iwailo lieveld
      преди месец


  14. kukudinosaur
    преди месец

    do gta online heist or something

  15. Cluez
    преди месец

    It frustrates me when Simon can easily do something but he fails like idk if he does it on purpose but he always sabotaging himself

  16. Jack Peacock
    Jack Peacock
    преди месец

    Does anyone know the name of this? I want to bookmark it

  17. Rileyz_08
    преди месец

    I love Simon's GTA race vids

  18. MoZ10 Vlogz
    MoZ10 Vlogz
    преди месец

    What are these playlist and how can we play ?? Please someone tell 🙏

  19. KDSGamingHD
    преди месец

    When you know him as MM7 and not Miniminter

  20. morteza asari
    morteza asari
    преди месец

    please play it with the sidemen on moresideman channel I loved watching you lot play this game

  21. TheBMuzz
    преди месец

    Where do i find these game modes?

  22. Fredrik Frogner
    Fredrik Frogner
    преди месец

    Do more gta races with the boys

  23. Mr Line
    Mr Line
    преди месец

    Spot me an hdmi capture device

  24. Pip watson
    Pip watson
    преди месец

    lol jk 00:35

  25. Pip watson
    Pip watson
    преди месец

    35:00 spoiler?

  26. IncredibleTop10s
    преди месец

    Simon's GTA videos are legit the only GTA content I actually enjoy

  27. Kananelo Teleki
    Kananelo Teleki
    преди месец

    11:24 This is just a moshpit at this point

  28. Waka Plays
    Waka Plays
    преди месец

    Anyone know how I can find these races on social club I wanna play them but the search function just doesnt work on the site

  29. Evie and Teddie
    Evie and Teddie
    преди месец

    Does he have to talk so much? Or always make stupid noises!

  30. Mitchell McGregor
    Mitchell McGregor
    преди месец

    When Simon says "that was amazing!", all I hear is Peter Shufflebottom xD

  31. mrsus 500
    mrsus 500
    преди месец

    I love how Simon says “got the boost boys” with oxygen

  32. Ktr DELLS
    Ktr DELLS
    преди месец

    What is the last map call because I can’t find the name of the map because it looks fun

  33. Robert Napier
    Robert Napier
    преди месец

    8:21 looks like ghost from modern warfare.

  34. Robert Napier
    Robert Napier
    преди месец

    1:25 Woodsy showing no mercy. Even less than Elias.

  35. Monzer Sayegh
    Monzer Sayegh
    преди месец

    Do the last race with the sidemen on more sidemen plz I wanna see how Harry reacts

  36. Henry Smith
    Henry Smith
    преди месец

    Bad edit

  37. Darragh Larkin
    Darragh Larkin
    преди месец

    Guess who's back back again Simons back not surprisingly with no friends

  38. luca manfredi
    luca manfredi
    преди месец

    please give us more sidemen GTA

  39. Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious
    преди месец


  40. Vikkstar123 Clips
    Vikkstar123 Clips
    преди месец

    Only OGs will remember Woodzy

  41. MOMO 14
    MOMO 14
    преди месец

    12:46 Simons reaction when talias vagina is bleeding

  42. Adam Goodger
    Adam Goodger
    преди месец

    Love the Paul Rudd reference

  43. Kaiden Gonzalez
    Kaiden Gonzalez
    преди месец

    Yo if u see this Man U should play my summer car in a series

  44. 3CB
    преди месец

    I missed this

  45. IHATECOD27
    преди месец

    I was featured in this video

  46. Arian A
    Arian A
    преди месец

    This is kinda fun to watch

  47. Kida
    преди месец

    U should play the last one with sidemen

  48. Σlon 爪usk
    Σlon 爪usk
    преди месец

    How does he do so good against the sidemen but when with his fans winning is impossible lol

    1. Robert Napier
      Robert Napier
      преди месец

      Different people, different play styles.

  49. Niklas Donut
    Niklas Donut
    преди месец

    This is the content I want!

  50. Ville Björnevi
    Ville Björnevi
    преди месец

    simon you have to say sorry to all swedes

  51. Zem0
    преди месец

    Do a comparison between your prediction and how it went in the euros groups

  52. MAT
    преди месец

    Live one piece reactions minter?

  53. RNG Xuxant
    RNG Xuxant
    преди месец

    Last course with the sdmn

  54. RNG Xuxant
    RNG Xuxant
    преди месец

    Ayee yoo evertime Simon says"Got the boost boys" alone it hurts

    1. Rayyan Nadat
      Rayyan Nadat
      преди месец


  55. Seam
    преди месец

    Woodsy is a modder on pc

  56. Rico Abelson
    Rico Abelson
    преди месец

    The dubstep for the last race was intense

  57. ErnestMak 88
    ErnestMak 88
    преди месец

    Actually, gta race can set with traffic and mercenaries

  58. miko lk
    miko lk
    преди месец

    why does Simon not say playgnound and more

  59. harryfryer32
    преди месец

    simon how do you get the boost boys

    1. Jaxen The Vlogger
      Jaxen The Vlogger
      преди месец

      just hold triangle as you’re about to drive

  60. Rebecca Perkins
    Rebecca Perkins
    преди месец

    as much as these are fun, woodsy honestly is just annoying ruining races

  61. Marc Green
    Marc Green
    преди месец

    Anyone gonna tell Simon that monster truck tyres are bulletproof? 😂

  62. Abhinav V
    Abhinav V
    преди месец

    Woodsy an og

  63. Kareem chenko
    Kareem chenko
    преди месец

    Can we get the last race on ps4 and if yes what's the race name please?

  64. David Enriquez Jr
    David Enriquez Jr
    преди месец

    Simon I really appreciate that your videos are meant for the mm7g channel and not reposted twitch clips glad you keep the twitch and youtube separate. It makes me very happy and ik you dont read comments but you are the best imo.

  65. rk999
    преди месец

    'gotta the boost bois', ahhh so nostalgic

    преди месец

    Simon dosent die as much as he used to...

  67. James Codd
    James Codd
    преди месец

    We need to see the sidemen do that last race

  68. Matthew Jeffery
    Matthew Jeffery
    преди месец

    Pls do that staircase with the rest of the sidemen on moresidemen it would be so funny to watch

    1. ryanator_109
      преди месец

      Yessss, or another similar one!

  69. Halo Ur mum
    Halo Ur mum
    преди месец

    We need the return of kill joy

  70. Costa Fotopoulos
    Costa Fotopoulos
    преди месец

    Quality vid

  71. Can i get 1 sub
    Can i get 1 sub
    преди месец

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life*

  72. Zdeněk Žaluda
    Zdeněk Žaluda
    преди месец

    everyone is dying♫♪, perfect spiral

  73. Jamie Hendry
    Jamie Hendry
    преди месец

    So loud

  74. Jayant Calla
    Jayant Calla
    преди месец

    GTA videos man

  75. Hafsteinn Marel Kristbjarnarson
    Hafsteinn Marel Kristbjarnarson
    преди месец

    We need to see the sidemen do the staircase

  76. Cole Rous
    Cole Rous
    преди месец

    We love the gta videos for sure😩😩😩😩

  77. konys
    преди месец

    my man said lil 180 bruh do you even math is 360 if you dint know

  78. GIBBSY
    преди месец

    Is there a way that I could get some of the old sidemen gta races?

  79. ardian asllani
    ardian asllani
    преди месец

    more gta simon

  80. PetayPanMoFo
    преди месец


  81. Simran 360
    Simran 360
    преди месец

    Gta races are still so fun to watch and play

  82. SnowWolfX
    преди месец

    Simon should play power washing sim

  83. AmA
    преди месец

    Im definitely getting old because loud noises now annoy me...

  84. Pengu 진안녕
    Pengu 진안녕
    преди месец

    I'm glad Simons back to Gta racing

  85. Nix
    преди месец

    3 years ago he promised to never play with woodsy look at him now 😂

    1. Woodsy
      преди месец

      @ViperNinja yes I am

    2. ViperNinja
      преди месец

      @MM7Games Simon, I promise. He's not always a dickhead ;)

    3. Daileens
      преди месец

      Imagine playing with Woodsy ;/

    4. life of Boris Pushkin
      life of Boris Pushkin
      преди месец

      @MM7Games Imagine miniminter just reacts to your comment😂😂😂

    5. MM7Games
      преди месец


  86. Alonso
    преди месец

    2:23 army men are people too Simon

  87. Cody Van Staden
    Cody Van Staden
    преди месец

    Love yall

  88. Nails With Kams
    Nails With Kams
    преди месец

    Who doesn’t love these GTA episodes

  89. Lily Dangerfield
    Lily Dangerfield
    преди месец

    Talia has covid 😕😕

  90. Jaden Robinson
    Jaden Robinson
    преди месец

    Bmx and zentornos is such a throw back brings back so many memories.. please do bmx vs Zentornos with sidemen

  91. Professional_Troller
    преди месец

    this guy is the most unfunniest person ever

  92. Lucas
    преди месец

    Bro I was just binge watching all of the old ones and I saw this and clicked so fast

  93. Aydilla
    преди месец

    Why did it end like that lmao

  94. Robert
    преди месец

    this game will last forever

    преди месец

    Can we just appreciate Boris Johnson

    1. Rebecca Perkins
      Rebecca Perkins
      преди месец


  96. Suh
    преди месец

    Corner cutting is on strict

  97. nick lam
    nick lam
    преди месец

    Please do the last race with all the sidemen would be hella jokes 🤣

  98. Gennadii Chelak
    Gennadii Chelak
    преди месец

    The last race says in Russian: Downhill, shut up and roll down

    1. ?
      преди 28 дни

      The skinnyneek replied. Haven't seen that in awhile

    2. MM7Games
      преди месец

      It all makes sense now 🤷‍♂️

    3. Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious
      преди месец


  99. Adriano Chiezzi
    Adriano Chiezzi
    преди месец

    you should do the stairs map with the rest of the sidemen on a sidemen GTA video

  100. G-Dog
    преди месец

    100th comment