Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)

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Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

Stream “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
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  1. Rafael Leal EXPLORANDO O MAPA
    преди час

    the last twerking!

  2. Kaefo
    преди час

    **Roblox man twerking**

  3. historias cringe y mas
    historias cringe y mas
    преди час

    mejor parte:1:15

    1. historias cringe y mas
      historias cringe y mas
      преди час


    2. historias cringe y mas
      historias cringe y mas
      преди час


    3. historias cringe y mas
      historias cringe y mas
      преди час


  4. anushka Parmar
    anushka Parmar
    преди час

    Besties enough of twerking

  5. Jasper
    преди час


  6. Eden
    преди час

    Are we not going to talk about how amazing the costumes are

  7. Emma Myles
    Emma Myles
    преди час

    I love this song it is the best I am replaying and replaying

  8. Lemonade
    преди час

    I'm so confused yet i understand everything

  9. Slay Kage
    Slay Kage
    преди час

    Wait this isn’t club cool kidd

  10. Ece
    преди час

    Sadece şarkı güzel

  11. Diana Canelo
    Diana Canelo
    преди час

    And that's how you end up when you're around the Cyrus family for too long, makes total sense.

  12. Tete Catboy
    Tete Catboy
    преди час

    *trans twerking*

  13. Dark !
    Dark !
    преди час

    How did we go from a classic and wholesome cowboy theme song To lil nas x lap dancing on Satan and getting frisky with a alien

  14. Jamaul Miller
    Jamaul Miller
    преди час

    I’m done with this man music I swear on god

  15. Bouchra Zaher
    Bouchra Zaher
    преди час

    nooooo you are a satanisste man

  16. Kosta Dimovski
    Kosta Dimovski
    преди час


  17. Melixqii
    преди час

    Let’s be real these outfits he is rocking are iconic

  18. My grammar is trash
    My grammar is trash
    преди час

    everyone *you should have just stuck with old town road...* *me* *Old town road is about sex..-*

  19. Scarlett Olivos
    Scarlett Olivos
    преди час

    *biesxual twerking* U3U

  20. Alexa Holloman
    Alexa Holloman
    преди час

    *youtube not even letting me post a video with a pole in the background* *Lil Nas X* half of the video be like* ;-;

  21. Johnny_ Dev
    Johnny_ Dev
    преди час

    mr roblox guy what happened :(

  22. Huracan360
    преди час

    These twerking comments are so unoriginal

  23. Karla Lovrić
    Karla Lovrić
    преди час

    WTF Lil nax

  24. Evan Leahy
    Evan Leahy
    преди час

    Pubg and curry with my friends

  25. katie
    преди час

    lil nas x: well satan lookin sexy today lemme give him a lap dance

  26. MR Z3TOR
    MR Z3TOR
    преди час

    He gay🤔🤔

  27. HAF FF
    HAF FF
    преди час


  28. The Reptilian Brazilian
    The Reptilian Brazilian
    преди час

    It's not gay if they are all himself

  29. -_Mxkki_-
    преди час


  30. Ana Borja
    Ana Borja
    преди час

    Honestly pole dancing all the way down to hell is what we should all aspire to

  31. laiba hussain
    laiba hussain
    преди час

    u goin to hell

  32. Manuela Ospina
    Manuela Ospina
    преди час

    me encanta en especial el cantante

    1. Danipvv xd
      Danipvv xd
      преди час

      A mi me encantas tu

  33. Hayden Lloyd
    Hayden Lloyd
    преди час

    What the fuck is this

    1. Kai Bunyak
      Kai Bunyak
      преди час


  34. Bazı insanları hiç anlamıyorum
    Bazı insanları hiç anlamıyorum
    преди час

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly He ride on satans lap

  35. Lynn Vittorio
    Lynn Vittorio
    преди час

    this is weird

  36. Piffy Williams
    Piffy Williams
    преди час

    Lil nas x:Imma take dis crown now byeee

  37. Sheesh Huh?
    Sheesh Huh?
    преди час

    I feel the pain for the people who watched this😭💔

  38. Chaos Cartman
    Chaos Cartman
    преди час


  39. BerkÖzer
    преди час


  40. Gaza Algazali Hakim
    Gaza Algazali Hakim
    преди час

    *Savagely twerking*

    1. stan_344
      преди час

      I laughed and farted 😐

    преди час

    **Happy twerking**

    1. stan_344
      преди час

      Damn where did you find your humor? Tiktok? 😐😬

  42. Aisha Isha
    Aisha Isha
    преди час

    Let's aslo say Thank you Dante Alighieri ⬅️

  43. Shubham Thakur
    Shubham Thakur
    преди час

    I come here everyday 😁😈

  44. Euron Buci
    Euron Buci
    преди час

    people's wake up

  45. Jayden’s channel
    Jayden’s channel
    преди час


  46. Zoey Jones
    Zoey Jones
    преди час

    You’re a devil

  47. Jonathan Diego Ayala Beltran
    Jonathan Diego Ayala Beltran
    преди час

    Wow cooll

  48. Tenigha's creative world
    Tenigha's creative world
    преди 2 часа

    You’re a weird one yk

  49. Ava Now
    Ava Now
    преди 2 часа

    This is the most messed up thing ever.

    1. Eternal Outcast
      Eternal Outcast
      преди час


  50. Annika E
    Annika E
    преди 2 часа

    1:29 Cardi B is that you my queen? XD

  51. Eren oʑคຖ
    Eren oʑคຖ
    преди 2 часа

    ''I think quarentine make all of us different types of twerking.''

  52. DaDy Community
    DaDy Community
    преди 2 часа

    what did I just put ish my eyes with?

  53. 거짓된 사랑
    거짓된 사랑
    преди 2 часа

    He own 2021🐢

  54. я
    преди 2 часа

    Здесь есть хоть один русский?😳

  55. Rima Stars ريما ستارز
    Rima Stars ريما ستارز
    преди 2 часа

    صاحب الاغنية هاذي الاغنية رح تدخل النار صدقني

  56. Allan M
    Allan M
    преди 2 часа

    When lil nas x goes to heaven the angels be like:HELL NAH

  57. TheRex347
    преди 2 часа

    pov: te drogas ( la cancion ta wena)

    преди 2 часа


  59. rachel smith
    rachel smith
    преди 2 часа

    *bisexual questioning if she’s a lesbian twerking*

  60. • B E E- A T R I C E •
    • B E E- A T R I C E •
    преди 2 часа

    is it bad this gave me nightmares?...

  61. عبدالرحمن محمد
    عبدالرحمن محمد
    преди 2 часа

    From tik tok 🌝😁👌

  62. • B E E- A T R I C E •
    • B E E- A T R I C E •
    преди 2 часа

    he made a big meme. search up call me by your name gacha- or animatied

  63. Juan Inda
    Juan Inda
    преди 2 часа

    Did anyone notice that he got Stoned to death with butt plugs?

  64. Joaanna Katyal 5F roll no. 42
    Joaanna Katyal 5F roll no. 42
    преди 2 часа

    I wonder how uncomfortable lil nas X was when he did the whole lap dance on saten also WHAT PART OF NAS DID SNAKE GUY LICK?!?!?!??!!!

  65. National Security Agency
    National Security Agency
    преди 2 часа

    this feel's like he is showing the true color's of celebrities and musicians

  66. Seth Ledger
    Seth Ledger
    преди 2 часа

    So 5.1M people are gay. Cool. 5.1M people to never talk to

  67. L T
    L T
    преди 2 часа

    Is that KSI?

  68. DOOM Studios
    DOOM Studios
    преди 2 часа

    “ Lady dimitrescu twerking “

  69. foka
    преди 2 часа

    when I saw "call me by your name" I had a wtf. it reminded me of the movie XD

  70. Not Richrd :
    Not Richrd :
    преди 2 часа

    He is going to hell

  71. Mo der king shiknabi
    Mo der king shiknabi
    преди 2 часа

    No No No No No No No Lil Nas x

  72. Iskan Musaev
    Iskan Musaev
    преди 2 часа

    boys on the bar: pull ups me: 1:57

  73. Gaara
    преди 2 часа

    ewwwwwwwww 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    1. Gaara
      преди 2 часа

      @Vincent L no

    2. Vincent L
      Vincent L
      преди 2 часа

      Ur jealous that someone has more talent than you

  74. Я Ева
    Я Ева
    преди 2 часа

    Что я сейчас посмотрела 🗿

  75. Semura Aydoğdu
    Semura Aydoğdu
    преди 2 часа


  76. Nicolas Bastijns
    Nicolas Bastijns
    преди 2 часа


  77. Chloe LI
    Chloe LI
    преди 2 часа

    Why do 5M people like this.... I’m concerned what’s wrong with the world...

    1. Zoey Dimiceli
      Zoey Dimiceli
      преди час

      The song is beautiful.

    2. Tendav
      преди 2 часа


  78. Пирожок с капустой
    Пирожок с капустой
    преди 2 часа

    Кто русский? 🗿

  79. Michael Ball
    Michael Ball
    преди 2 часа

    Aye at least he got socks on

  80. Ctieco
    преди 2 часа

    All these comments are just about him pole dancing and tweaking 😂

  81. Tendav
    преди 2 часа

    Lil nas x outet himself

  82. Trad3mark
    преди 2 часа

    Umm that was disturbing

  83. Unknown_ Aventador
    Unknown_ Aventador
    преди 2 часа

    beat kinda sounds like something dababy would use tbh

  84. Հասմիկ Խուրշուդյան
    Հասմիկ Խուրշուդյան
    преди 2 часа

    Bombbb 😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤

  85. cristpy link
    cristpy link
    преди 2 часа

    this is the bigger monster....lil nas x

  86. carlos luis alvarez valeriano
    carlos luis alvarez valeriano
    преди 2 часа


  87. СмАйЛиКツ
    преди 2 часа

    What is being poisoned here?

  88. nova
    преди 2 часа

    I think he can't control is music videos i think his label controls it

  89. Astrid Guzman
    Astrid Guzman
    преди 2 часа


    1. El amor de tu vida
      El amor de tu vida
      преди 2 часа


  90. I R I N A - AV R A M
    I R I N A - AV R A M
    преди 2 часа


  91. Eddict_ ed
    Eddict_ ed
    преди 2 часа

    I was searching for timothee chalamet's CMBYN and found this. Well apparently, both genres turned out to be homosexual

  92. XxGolden_GoddessxX
    преди 2 часа

    yea imma take my horse back to the old town road-

  93. Gtt throyuft
    Gtt throyuft
    преди 2 часа

    Angle: hi. Welcome to heaven Me: holy shit I maid it Me : sees lil nas x stripping to hell Angle: don't worry he does that everyday Me: :/

  94. Vivian Vidal
    Vivian Vidal
    преди 2 часа

    Ele chegando no inferno Ele: e ai capeta bora dá uns pega

  95. NoviceDrugLord
    преди 2 часа


  96. Lefteris Platis
    Lefteris Platis
    преди 2 часа

    Ancient Greek translation on 1:10 : “Because nature was divided in two, each piece is searching for its other half” -Plato

  97. Gaming With Nef
    Gaming With Nef
    преди 2 часа

    Satan: minding his business Lil nas x: comes down Satan: oh no GET HIM TO HEAVEN NOWW

  98. The cool one Jokonya
    The cool one Jokonya
    преди 2 часа

    All those who said lil nas x must go to hell , he went now leave him alone 😒

  99. Itzia Padilla
    Itzia Padilla
    преди 2 часа

    Wow, I never saw the video until now. And it is super clear the message he was trying to tell about his identity :O

  100. nova
    преди 2 часа

    Everyone hating but he literally kill satan by lust to make him weak