Minecraft Manhunt, But Item Drops Are Multiplied...

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Minecraft Manhunt, But The Item Drops Multiply... (Speedrunner VS Hunter Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, I am being hunted down by 2 of my friends! The twist is that every time an item drops, IT MULTIPLIES... This was extremely intense!


  1. SZIMSZAR bey
    SZIMSZAR bey
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    you thenbest youtber!

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    þ ß
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    Imagine kill ghast and make end crystal

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  5. zombares
    преди 10 часа

    1. why not more enchantments? 2. why not netherite armor?

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    Wisp is the best youtubeber

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    your better than dream

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    Should of burned their stuff tbh

  10. Koloa
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    I like your "WHHHAAATT??!"

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    it's cool

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    How do you do this

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    Infinite diamonds to much

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  15. bluecyax
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    Jgo hes laugh what was that its like boswer jr

  16. bluecyax
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    haha wisp i love when u say AHAHAHHA hahahahah

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    Wisp is the literal definition of cracked

  18. H Hamdmega
    H Hamdmega
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    What if xp would multiply XD

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    Your "WHAT" scream sounds like dream sussssssssssssssssssssssssss🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  20. silentify
    преди ден

    What really bothers me is why didn't they make enchanted golden apples

  21. silentify
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    Keep digging the dirt and you're multiplier will launch

  22. Shish Sushi
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    YoU ArE cOpYng DrEaM

  23. Jesus Vasquez
    Jesus Vasquez
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    Why didnt u just kill an ender man

  24. TNT BOB
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    when he made it to the end he should have broke the platform they spawn on

  25. The gamer of the Cats
    The gamer of the Cats
    преди ден

    What are the only one that thought that he could just make an iron block and have infinite iron in win every battle with them and then get Internet diamonds and win every battle of them the next season and we find another ate for the first time with when everybody was living in killing a dragon

  26. Majestic Boss Man
    Majestic Boss Man
    преди ден

    Why did he not turn the iron into blocks to multiply?

    1. Majestic Boss Man
      Majestic Boss Man
      преди ден

      Just watched later into the video nvm

  27. Rizky Aditya Pratama
    Rizky Aditya Pratama
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    Yang pake mode survival butuh diamond armor saat menggoreng diamond ini

  28. Karel Mälk
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    20:44 64 ender pearls?

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    Another dream clone

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    17:03 you can see silver through the fence

    преди 2 дни

    One billion items is One billion ping

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    one question... can you make a face reveal vid?

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    19:25 why he had 64 ender pearls in only one slot?

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    Yes I love wisp

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    you could burn the left over of dia and other stuff

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    Mod code for this

  40. Nebojša Babić
    Nebojša Babić
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    What is cheat code for this

  41. Bryce Roque
    Bryce Roque
    преди 2 дни

    Is it just me or is he doing the same stuff as in one of the dream speed runs

  42. shawk The system
    shawk The system
    преди 2 дни

    Imagine Towering up forever

  43. Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams
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    They should have killed a ghastly to make infinite end crystals lol

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    I love this Channel

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    Manhunt but a little easy-er

  47. not.Naruto
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    So wait if he puts 1 diamond in a chest then breaks the chest... does it mean?

  48. abaloo2003
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    dream 2.0

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    dream dream XD

  50. MasterSamurai12
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    All he needs is one ancient debree he should have used tnt to find at least one

  51. MasterSamurai12
    преди 2 дни

    Can’t you just place the gold block down then break it and rinse and repeat and you’ll keep getting more

  52. Taher Plumber
    Taher Plumber
    преди 2 дни

    Burn your friends stuff with lava that will force them to start again

  53. Kacper Murach
    Kacper Murach
    преди 2 дни

    give us the plugin wisp!!!

  54. Ghasty57
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    20:40 Wisp: *gets 64 ender pearls* Me: wait that’s illegal

  55. Rohan Williams
    Rohan Williams
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    Silver looks better in his own vids

  56. Tanish Shekhar
    Tanish Shekhar
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    Anyone triggered he did not make iron boots

  57. Chhorath Tann
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    I feel so bad for the person that is chasing you🤣😭

  58. Nelson Mejia
    Nelson Mejia
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    Could have wisp use the iron from the golem, and make a block of iron it break it for a infinity loop of iron

  59. Koalaz Can do things
    Koalaz Can do things
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    Early a little

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    Abde hacker 3
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    What gets me is he did not even make a diamond helmet

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  67. Andira Latisha
    Andira Latisha
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    Could’ve u make ur gear into netherite

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    Wisp I discovered ur Chanel yesterday day and I have already watched half of your videos now if that does not tell you how good of a BGglobalr nothing will

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    Bro when you were in the nether you should have burned there stuff

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    Just Someone here
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    why is he copying dream

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    преди 3 дни

    How come ghast are more Destructive in mobile and console

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  82. mine-dream e games
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